Corsica in pictures #8: Bonifacio off-season

View of Bonifacio off-season from the cliffs, on october 2023.

Ah, Bonifacio! You already heard about this big village/little town of Corsica. Among the numerous beauties our island offers, Bonifacio is probably the most suggestive one. But you may also be aware that this is a fragile gem, a place directly struck by mass tourism. If you get there during late spring or during summer, you can not appreciate the true power of the place. So it is obvious: visiting Bonifacio off-season is the only reasonable choice for any aware traveler. Yes, being an actor in sustainable tourism is a tough job!

Our visit to Bonifacio off-season, on October 2023

My family and I live quite far from Bonifacio. We make a point of honor to take a daily tour of Bonifacio at least once a year. The pleasure of wandering around the old streets, or taking some fresh air on the nearby walking path is renewed every time. Bonifacio is so special that even we Corsicans, adults or children, are experiencing something close to traveling abroad when visiting Bonifacio.

Our last visit to Bonifacio off-season took place in October 2023. If you can, I highly suggest you pick up this period. The weather is often great, and all of the services offered by the town are still available. In the meantime, visitors are way less numerous than those in summer (including September). On that day, we experienced nice temperatures and a great view of Sardegna; we enjoyed the quiet visit to a church and even had to escape the rain for a few minutes. A rain that gave the sky and the stones a new taint for a new way to experience Bonifacio off-season.

The gallery

I hope you will enjoy those pictures of our visit to Bonifacio off-season. As usual, I put everything without any kind of order: the streets, the bell tower of Saint Dominic Church (one of the very few gothic churches in Corsica), the sky, the Genoese Gate, and the walking path near the cliffs.

For more information about Bonifacio and what is happening there in the coming months, take a tour of the official Tourism Office Website of Bonifacio.

Guillaume Bereni

Guillaume is the owner and editor of Sustainable Corsica. He runs a consulting agency, named Mare è Monti Conseil, which aims to support companies in their project for more slow, cultural, conscious and sustainable tourism in Corsica. You can visit the website Happy husband, happy father of three energic children, traveling lover, curious by nature and a bit nerdy too (nobody is perfect).

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