For professionals

You are someone working in the tourism industry, looking for a way to give your customers a new and eco-friendly way to discover Corsica? The internet is indeed full of useful resources, maps, and advice. But nothing compares to the assistance of someone from Corsica, willing to show his island on its true side.

Sustainable Corsica is linked to a young tourism consulting agency called “Mare è Monti Ingénierie Tourisme“. Based in Corsica, held by Guillaume Bereni (editor of, “Mare è Monti Ingénierie Tourisme” aims at giving tourism professionals assistance to build and develop their products in Corsica. It is different from the work of a classic local agency. “Mare è Monti Ingénierie Tourisme” does not sell you a package, made with things you wanted and others you did not ask for. At a global price that is not always so clear.

“Mare è Monti Ingénierie Tourisme” concentrates his work on exactly what you need, from a whole project to a piece of advice or tip. Knowing the island, having crossed its roads from north to south to deliver you the best information about the cultural and eco-friendly aspects of Corsica, “Mare è Monti Ingénierie Tourisme” is the ally you need to build a sustainable, competitive, and original trip for your customers.

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