What is Sustainable Corsica?

Sustainable Corsica is a small website dedicated to sustainable tourism in Corsica. We want to talk about ecotourism, culture, traditions, and slow tourism. We wish to have you discover this wonderful Mediterranean island as an aware traveler.

Sustainablecorsica.com wants to show you Corsica in a different way. A way out of the usual “all about beaches” (even though we as well consider them the most beautiful ones on Earth ;)). We had a look at various other websites claiming to show Corsica in a different way but in the end, most of them, keep talking about the same things, showing the same places. When they are not falling into the trap of greenwashing…

Our definition of sustainable tourism for Corsica

Our definition of sustainable tourism is simple. There has to be teamwork between locals and travelers. In order to safeguard nature, traditions, and culture, alongside allowing local society to emancipate. Tourism can be positive, as long as exchanges with travelers are true, honest, and not led only by consumerism. In both ways.

We want to help you plan your trip to Corsica in a respectful way regarding nature and people. We consider that nature is not the only important theme that should lead to ecotourism. History, local traditions, language, and agriculture are active parts of ecotourism. So we try to cover all these themes.

Our wish is to be part of a new dawn for tourism in Corsica. Of course, we can not ignore the reality of mass tourism and the aspirations of today’s main traveler type. We can not force people to change their needs. But we can surely make our land suitable for people who want to discover, learn, and understand Corsica.

You are here, so I am sure you are one of those aware travelers!

Support us

Sustainable Corsica is a couple’s project mostly led on free time. A work of passion and dedication for better touristic development in Corsica. If you enjoy the content of this website and want it to grow better, you can support it with a donation. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks!

PS: this website is held by persons in Corsica whose native language is not English. As much as he loves Shakespeare’s language, our redactor may make some mistakes. You are welcome to point them out by sending us an email: contact@sustainablecorsica.com