Carnavale di Brandu 2024, a new edition of the Corsican carnival announced (update)

Edit (07/02/2024): Due to the high probability of rain on Saturday 10 February, the Carnavale di Brandu has been postponed. The new date is 17 February.

I posted here, a few years ago, an article about the traditional carnival in Corsica. It was written by an acquaintance who used to know the “true” Corsican Carnival. Fortunately, we also can experience the traditional Corsican carnival, this year, with the “Carnavale di Brandu 2024”.

The Carnavale di Brandu was relaunched 20 years ago and is still organized by a local association in the village of Brando (Capicorsu, 30 minutes from Bastia approximatively). It will take place this year on February the 10th (Saturday). As always, a group wearing strange masks made of wood, old clothes, and a variety of tools imagined to make a lot of noise, will wander around the village of Brando. They are escorted by the crowd and some musicians. People dance, smile, and get scared sometimes as the people disguised enjoy doing some surprise when you don’t expect them! As we learned in our previous article about the carnival in Corsica, it wasn’t meant to make laugh. It was meant to be scary, and dark. And that’s pretty much what the Carnavale di Brandu is about. Even if it is, in the end, an entertaining experience for all ages.

Whereas traditional carnival is still highly present in the neighboring island of Sardegna, the Carnavale di Brandu is the last one active in Corsica. So if you are around on February the 10th, be sure to come to Brando and have a look. In our case, we will be there! So be sure to check our upcoming articles and follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we will publish some pictures and videos during the event.

Image took in 2012 during the Carnavale di Brandu (carnival of Brando) in Corsica. The image was reworked as a painting.

Guillaume Bereni

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