Snapshot from Corsica: the hidden dinosaur

These kinds of things usually happen when you look at the sky. If you watch closely, clouds will give you the impression of being living things, with various forms. Sometimes the magic happens with plants and it seems like nature is trying to trick you.

I came across this “dinosaur” along the road. It looks like a mix between a diplodocus and a camel. I guess that he would have stayed hidden if I did not cross his road at the right time. The sun was high, right behind him.

I wonder now, a few month later, what this dinosaur looks like today.

Guillaume Bereni

Guillaume is the owner and editor of Sustainable Corsica. Outside of his author role in various websites -about various subjects- for more than 10 years, Guillaume runs a small consulting agency that aims at helping tourism companies in Corsica in their project for more conscious and sustainable activity (you can visit the website -in french- at Happy husband, happy father of three energic children, traveling lover, curious by nature and a bit nerdy too (nobody is perfect).

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